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LJ Davis, LPC, CPCS discovered TEAM-CBT through the list of 10 Cognitive Distortions by Dr. David Burns.

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How did you discover TEAM-CBT?

I was working with people with severe and persistent mental health problems, typically involving some amount of disconnection from our shared reality. While doing that I got the opportunity to learn from people from the Beck Institute. Then in 2016 or so, I listened to a baseball podcast that is about using statistics to understand the game better - and it often talked about how baseball has been long affected by various cognitive biases. I was trying to learn about what some of those were, and I googled "cognitive distortions." This brought up Dr. Burns' list of 10 Cognitive Distortions. The list said it came from Feeling Good, and I thought, well here is a way to learn more about cognitive therapy. So I got the book and it blew my mind. Truth be told, I was feeling pretty depressed at the time, and I had no idea that my thoughts were what was causing this. But I can remember, sitting in my office and reading the list of cognitive distortions and getting so excited.  

You mean there isn't really something horribly wrong with me - I'm just thinking that.  

Specifically I can remember learning about mind-reading while I was sitting in my office. I had just had lunch, and I left my dirty bowl in the sink to soak while I went back to my office to read a little bit. Two of my colleagues were talking in the room next door - and I was sure they were talking about what a lazy bum I was for leaving my bowl in the sink. Then I read about mind-reading as a distortion, and so much of what Dr. Burns was saying suddenly made sense - I had no idea what they were waying, I was just telling myself a story and getting upset about it. From there I found the Feeling Good Podcast, some of Dr. Burns' online recorded trainings and Mike Christensen's 13-week class. The rest is history.


What are your specialties / clients you love to work with?

My favorite clients have been social anxiety clients who I could go out and do exposure work with in public. Until very recently I worked on a university campus, and it was so much fun to go practice smile and hello, survey techniques, and self-disclosure - and see people realize that most people were receptive to these sorts of interactions. I also like working with people who are struggling with depression. I have had a really good time when one member of a couple is willing to take responsibility for improving their relationship.


What is your favorite TEAM-CBT technique?

That's a tough one, there are so many good ones. Today I have done some Feared Fantasy with myself, and it has been powerful, so I'm loving it today. I generally like the role playing techniques, and interpersonal exposure.


What are you reading or listening to?

Recently I have been reading, Breaking Free of Childhood Anxiety and OCD by Eli Lebowitz, and The Long Fall by Walter Mosley. I listen to a variety of things, but the album RTJ4 by Run The Jewels has been especially significant to me the last few years.


Please share a fun fact about yourself.

I really enjoy listening to music, but tend to get lost in podcasts and news shows- at least in part because there is so much choice in music available all of the time. I like to solve it by choosing a list of albums to listen to - a few years ago I listened to all of the albums that The Source had rated 5 mics; and I've lately been putting some effort toward the Rolling Stone top 500 albums of all time.


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LJ Davis, M.A., LPC, CPCS


LJ practices TEAM therapy, a framework for effective psychotherapy developed by Dr. David Burns. If you're interested in learning more, please reach out to LJ Davis, M.A., LPC, CPCS to book a free consultation. 

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