Embrace Your Solo Journey: Three Tips for Overcoming Loneliness

Embrace Your Solo Journey: Three Tips for Overcoming Loneliness with host, Richard Lam, LMFT

In this insightful video, a California therapist, Richard Lam, shares three valuable tips for those who are single and lonely.

The first tip on how to deal with loneliness emphasizes the importance of focusing on self-love, encouraging individuals to shift away from seeking external approval and love addiction. The therapist suggests a practical approach of writing a letter expressing gratitude for one's qualities and accomplishments.

The second tip focuses on how to be okay with being alone by thinking in shades of gray, promoting the idea that fulfilling lives can be cultivated through diverse connections and personal growth, rather than solely relying on romantic relationships.

Lastly, the third tip advises individuals to learn to be lonely yet happy, by ignoring societal expectations and prioritizing activities that bring genuine joy - emphasizing the importance of choosing one's own path to happiness. This video offers practical insights to unlock deeper self-love, appreciate life's positives, and prioritize individual happiness beyond societal pressures.

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Richard: Three tips if you're single and feeling lonely.

I'm a therapist in California looking to help those unlock the secrets of the couch. If you're single and feeling lonely and thinking, oh, I really need a relationship right now, here are three tips that could help.

1. Focus on Self-Love

A lot of times people are looking to others to really help improve their moods. And they're looking for people's approval and love. to feel worthwhile. In therapy, we call this love addiction and approval addiction. So shift your mindset to shift these limiting beliefs to unlock deeper self-love.

One way of doing that is writing yourself a letter to express the gratitude and appreciation of your qualities, your strengths, and your accomplishments. Remind yourself how awesome you are.

2. Thinking in Shades of Grey

It's natural to want connection and to feel closer to people, but focusing solely and primarily on romantic relationships doesn't really paint the whole picture. Many people, single or those who have partners, really cultivate fulfilling lives through diverse connections and personal growth.

Rather than thinking in black or white categories, view life in the shade of gray, right in the center. Because people usually have these things called mental filters where they primarily focus on the negatives and they ignore the positives. So have a better view of your life by reflecting on the things you have rather than the things that you wish you had.

3. Ignore the Hype

Don't let the societal expectations influence your happiness.

Choose the activities that you truly enjoy that really resonates with you rather than doing what other people are doing.

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