Why See A Therapist Under Supervision

Getting therapy from a highly effective therapist may be the best investment you can make. However, for many of us, cost could make receiving care unattainable. That's why we offer sessions with quality therapists who are under supervision for a reduced fee. Therapists under supervision at Feeling Good Institute receive extensive training before, during, and after seeing their patients, and your treatment will have the oversight, direction, and support from a Feeling Good Institute TEAM-CBT Certified Advanced Clinician.

Get Matched With A Therapist

Finding A Lower Fee Therapist At Feeling Good Institute

  • 1Get Matched by telling us about your needs and preferences
  • 2Look for a therapist who has the blue lower fee icon
  • 3Feel better, typically within a few sessions
Get Matched With A Therapist

Need no cost therapy? Through the Feeling Good Foundation, we offer pro bono intensive therapy to 3 people in need each year. Apply here.