At the Feeling Good Institute, our mission is to help you become a more successful practitioner by training you in advanced CBT skills and offering you a supportive, collaborative, and engaging community.

We have been very fortunate to receive extensive training from Dr. David Burns in teaching and supervising clinicians using cutting edgeTEAM-CBT skills. We can help you improve your therapy practice by teaching you advanced empathy, agenda setting, and 50+ cognitive, behavioral and interpersonal skills.
All of us at the Feeling Good Institute have spent hundreds of hours over many years teaching hundreds of trainees. We invite you to become part of our community through our online training and certification programs.

Become a TEAM-CBT certified therapist

TEAM certification enables you to:

  • Train with a purpose–count your TEAM training hours towards higher and higher levels of certification
  • Connect and collaborate with TEAM therapists across the country through our exclusive listserve
  • Gain access to networking and training opportunities
  • Increase your referrals through the Feeling Good Institute website

For more information about our certification program and for applications, click here

TEAM therapy weekly live on-line training groups

Our weekly online training groups can help you:

  • Advance your TEAM-CBT skills
  • Grow your referral base
  • Collaborate with other TEAM therapists across the country in a warm and supportive environment
  • Become a certified TEAM therapist

For more information and to register for a group click here.