The Feeling Good Institute is dedicated to providing better therapy for patients seeking tools for change, based on evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy approach called TEAM therapy, developed by Dr. David Burns.

Treatment at FGI

If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, relationship concerns, habits or addictions, our highly trained therapists can provide you with tools and techniques can drive faster results. To learn more about our services and book an appointment, visit Treatment at FGI.

What is TEAM Therapy?

TEAM Therapy, created by Dr. David Burns is not a new “school” of therapy, but rather a framework for conducting evidence-based therapy. TEAM stands for Testing, Empathy, Agenda setting, and Methods. To learn more about TEAM Therapy, go to Our Approach.

Intensive Therapy Treatment

If you are in Mountain View, CA, for a limited time, our intensive treatment approach may be right for you. Our intensive model provides dramatic results and rapid symptom relief. To check if intensive TEAM Therapy treatment is right for you, read more at Intensive Team Therapy at FGI.

Lower Fee Clinic

The Feeling Good Institute offers individual therapy and counseling for adults and adolescents at lower fees. For more information, go to Lower Fee Clinic.

Off-Site Certified Clinicians

The Feeling Good Institute is a leading training and certification center for clinicians. Looking for TEAM Therapy around the country? Find a certified clinician in our off-site certified clinicians page.