Fully Remote Intensive Trauma Focused Treatment: A New Frontier in PTSD and Complex PTSD Therapy

Fully Remote Intensive Trauma Focused Treatment: A New Frontier in PTSD and Complex PTSD Therapy
European Journal of Psychotraumatology, 2022

PTSD and Complex PTSD are debilitating mental health conditions affecting millions globally. Traditional face-to-face therapy has been the cornerstone of treatment, but the feasibility and effectiveness of fully remote, intensive trauma-focused therapy remained unexplored until now. 

A recent study by Bongaerts, H. et al. (2022) has now shed light on this uncharted area, demonstrating the effectiveness of a fully remote treatment program in reducing the symptoms of these conditions. The study's findings are promising: 82.2% of the participants no longer met the diagnostic criteria for PTSD after the treatment. Additionally, the incidence of Complex PTSD decreased dramatically from 47.1% to 10.1%. These findings underscore the potential of fully remote intensive trauma-focused therapy as a practical and effective choice for individuals grappling with PTSD and Complex PTSD. The positive changes seen in lessening symptom severity, improving diagnostic status, and ensuring safety provide important insights for improving modern therapy methods.   


Highlights from the Meta-Analysis


At Feeling Good Institute, we’re encouraged by this study’s affirmation of remote therapy viability for PTSD and Complex PTSD. It aligns with our commitment to providing accessible, innovative, and impactful treatment, including Intensive Therapy tailored to individual patient needs.

Research Brief Author: Marshall Pagaling, Psy.D.

Citation: Bongaerts, H., Voorendonk, E. M., Van Minnen, A., Rozendaal, L., Telkamp, B.S.D., & De Jongh, A. (2022). Fully remote intensive trauma-focused treatment for PTSD and Complex PTSD. European Journal of Psychotraumatology, 13(2), [DOI details].

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