TEAM-CBT certification

TEAM-CBT certification

There are five levels of TEAM-CBT certification.

Certification serves as a roadmap to help you advance your skills in TEAM therapy. Certification is intended to provide quality training to clinicians interested in providing TEAM therapy and to publicly acknowledge those who have received training. We would love to welcome you to the TEAM community and support your learning! Five progressive Certification levels provide opportunities for clinicians to deepen their level of skill mastery. Certification can be accomplished through participation in various types of training (e.g., online or local group training, individual consultation/training, workshops, self-study). Please download the Certification Requirements and Rewards sheet to see exact requirements and rewards.

Possible benefits of Certification include: a supportive community, listserv participation for additional learning, access to cutting edge developments by Dr. Burns and the TEAM Master Clinicians, referrals through the FGI website, and access to information regarding additional training opportunities. Certification in TEAM therapy requires licensure as a mental health or medical provider. Students enrolled in license-eligible programs are welcome to work toward certification, however certification will not be granted until receipt of a license.

If you have any additional questions, please visit our FAQ page If you don’t find what you are looking for, please contact Dr. Angela Krumm at

Level 1 TEAM Therapist

Level 1 indicates an involvement and demonstrated interest in TEAM Therapy. We welcome you to our community! Apply Online

Level 2 TEAM Therapist

Level 2 certification shows substantial training and involvement in TEAM therapy. Certified clinicians can advertise their practice on Feeling Good Institute website and have access to referrals, networking and training. Apply Online

Level 3 Advanced TEAM Therapist

Obtaining level 3 TEAM Therapist certification involves many hours of individual and/or group training in TEAM Therapy as well as sitting for an oral clinical skills verification exam with a Trainer in TEAM Therapy and Training. Download application

Level 4 TEAM Therapist and Trainer

This highest degree of certification involves extensive training in the skills of providing TEAM Therapy as well as in the training and supervising skills needed to teach TEAM therapy. Clinical work onsite at Feeling Good Institute is designed to provide an opportunity to obtain this level of training. For more information about the possibilities of training onsite at FGI, please contact Working on site at FGI is not a requirement for Level 4 Certification. Download application

Start Here! Learn the requirements for Certification

Download the Certification Requirements and Rewards sheet here!

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Apply Online Here: Level 1 Level 2

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Download applications here: Level 3 Level 4

Certification online payment

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Certification Frequently Asked Questions


How do I apply for Certification? Review the TEAM Certification Requirements and Rewards (Overview Sheet) to verify you have met necessary requirements. You can apply online for Level 1 and 2. Download, print, and complete the appropriate application for Levels 3 and 4.

For paper applications, where do I send my materials? Please send one packet with all application materials to: Angela Krumm, PhD, Certification Lead, Feeling Good Institute, 2660 Solace Place, Suite A, Mountain View, CA 94040. Please do not require a signature on your packet at the time of delivery. Alternatively, you can scan all items into a single document and email to

How do I pay the application fees? Online applications for Level 1 and 2 include a payment option within the application. If submitting a paper application, please follow instructions on the paper application or use this link to pay fees separate from the application.


How long will it take to process my application? Application processing requires approximately 2 weeks. When your application has been processed you will receive an email confirming your application status. Unfortunately, we cannot send out confirmation emails when applications are first received.

When will my website profile be posted on the Feeling Good Institute website? Referral information is updated within 1-2 weeks of your application being processed.

When will I be added to the TEAM Certified listserv?  The listserv memberships are updated within 1-2 weeks of your application being processed.


What is the Ebook and where can I purchase it? The Ebook is Dr. Burn’s interactive psychotherapy training manual. You can order it on his website. Questions about the Ebook or purchasing process should be directed to Dr. Burns through his website.

What is the Therapist Toolkit and where can I purchase it? The Therapist Toolkit is David Burn’s package of assessment and treatment tools for TEAM Therapy. You can order it on his website. Questions about the Therapist Toolkit or purchasing process should be directed to Dr. Burns through his website.


How can I find a 1:1 Trainer and what are the fees? All “Master Clinician and Trainers: Level 5” and “Level 4 Trainers” listed on the FGI website can provide 1:1 training. See listings here. Persons pursuing Level 4 or Level 5 Certification should only work with a “Master Clinician and Trainer: Level 5.” Each Trainer sets their own fees and schedule. Many Trainers offer either local training or on-line training. You can search for local Trainers using a zip code search. Please contact your preferred trainers directly to inquire about fees and availability.

How do I join a Training Group? Training Groups that are led by a “Master Clinician and Trainer: Level 5” or “Level 4 Trainer” count toward certification hours. Training groups are offered live and via web-based video format. A list of online training groups with detailed descriptions is provided here. A list of training groups, that meet at FGI in Mountain View, Palo Alto, San Francisco, Berkeley, New York City, Portland, Chicago, and others areas can be found here.

If I attend a training group led by someone who is not Level 4 Certified, can I count the hours? We encourage all persons to form practice groups to improve their TEAM therapy skills. However, in order to maintain quality control of TEAM training, only groups led by Level 4 Trainers can count toward certification. Exceptions may be granted if the leader is pursuing Level 4 Certification and is receiving consultation from a Certified TEAM Trainer. Please inquire about exceptions by contacting Angela Krumm ( If you are interested in starting a training group, and would like mentorship, you are welcome to contact any Master Clinician or Level 4 Trainer to seek consultation.

How do I find workshops hosted at FGI in Mountain View, CA? Workshops, offering CEs for some disciplines, are regularly offered at FGI and are listed here.

How do I find workshops led by Dr. Burns throughout Canada? Dr Burns regularly travels to Canada to provide TEAM model workshops. The workshops are listed with Jack Hirose & Associates at this link. These workshops are not hosted by FGI, but do count toward certification.

How do I find workshops led by David Burns throughout the USA and other countries? Dr Burns regularly travels throughout the USA to provide TEAM model workshops. Workshops are listed on his website. These workshops are not hosted by FGI, but do count toward certification.

Are workshops available outside of the USA and Canada? Dr. Burns may be contacted to inquire if he will provide a workshop in your area. Additionally, any Master Clinician or Level 4 Trainer can be hired to host a TEAM Model workshop.


Where can I access the Brief Mood Survey (BMS) and Evaluation of Therapy Survey (ETS) forms? These forms are only available in the Therapist Toolkit. The Therapist Toolkit is exclusively for sale from Dr. Burns and can be purchased via the order form on this website.

Is Certification dependent on my scores on the BMS and ETS? We believe that testing with clients is an important way to understand your client’s progress and improve your relationship with your client. Your scores on these forms do not impact whether you receive certification.

Is the “Rating of Therapy Sessions” (RTS) form still required and where can I find it? The RTS is no longer required for certification. The form was developed in 2013 to invite clinicians to rate their own skills as they review a specific therapy session. Clinician’s are asked to self-reflect and document to what degree they skillfully utilized various aspects of TEAM therapy. This form can be highly useful in conducting a self-assessment of clinical work. We encourage all clinicians to use the form. The RTS is a new form, not yet included in the Therapist Toolkit. It can be acquired from your individual trainer or by emailing

What is the Documentation of Testing Scores (DTS) form and where can I find it? This DTS is used to report scores for the purpose of Certification at Levels 3 and 4. Note the DTS is not required for Level 1 or 2 applications. The DTS summarizes your scores on the Brief Mood Surveys (BMS) andEvaluation of Therapy Session (ETS).  The DTS can be acquired  here: Documentation of Testing Scores v2018.

I work in a setting where it is difficult to use testing. Can I still pursue certification? We believe that testing is an integral part of TEAM therapy. We also understand that clinicians may experience limitations that may make routine testing difficult. Please contact Angela Krumm ( to inquire about special exceptions.

Level 3 Exam

How do I prepare for the Level 3 Exam? To prepare for the Level 3 exam, you need to receive approval from a Level 4 Trainer or Level 5/Master Clinician (who is familiar with your skills). When this has occurred, please request the exam content and format from FGI ( The information will include a description of the exact skills you will be asked to demonstrate. Most people who have successfully passed the test have chosen to prepare by participating in practice exams with peers or through paid 1:1 training (with a Level 4 or Level 5 Trainer).

How do I schedule the Level 3 Exam? The exam will be administered by two Trainers (Level 4 or Level 5). You must work with examiners who have not served as your 1:1 Trainer. The exam may occur in person or via web-based video communication. When you are ready to schedule, you can contact Angela Krumm ( to request to be assigned to examiners. After receiving the names and contact information of the examiners, please contact them to schedule a 90-minute slot for the exam and feedback session.

Are there fees for the Level 3 Exam? The previous exam fees to take the Level 3 exam have been removed. (Note that a Level 3 Application fee remains in place.) The Level 4 and Level 5 Trainers have generously donated their time to conduct exams for free. There may be a fee, to cover the examiners time, if you need to re-take the exam due to failure to pass or if you cancel the exam at the last minute.

What if I do not pass the Level 3 Exam? The exam is intended to be both evaluative and formative. If you do not pass the exam at the first administration, you are encouraged to begin receiving the support needed to successfully re-take the exam. Generally, the best method of preparation is to receive 1:1 training from a Level 4 or Level 5 Trainer. Please review the Exam Re-Take Policy prior to scheduling your first exam.


Are there requirements to maintain certification across time? We encourage all clinicians to actively maintain their TEAM therapy skills through ongoing training and practice. Level 1 and 2 clinicians have no requirement for maintenance of their certification. That is, Level 1 and 2 certification does not have an end date and nothing is needed to renew certification. Levels 3-5 require ongoing documentation of training or progress toward the next level of certification. Each five years you will be prompted, via email, to submit a short summary of training experiences obtained since certification. Please carefully review the exact requirements for maintaining certification that are listed in the document titled “Maintenance of Certification Requirements”.


Are there fees to apply and to remain active? Application fees are due at each level. Fees are listed on the Certification Requirements and Rewards sheet.  Annual dues are only applicable at Level 1. While Level 1 certification status is life-long, ongoing listing on the FGI website and participation on the FGI listserv requires a $50 yearly fee. Clinicians who advance to Level 2 and beyond no longer pay annual dues.


Do I have to be licensed to be certified? Certification in TEAM Therapy does require licensure as a mental health or medical provider.  In Canada, mental health licensure is equivalent to being a registered professional counselor with a graduate degree.  Students enrolled in a licensed-eligible program and individuals still accruing supervised professional experience toward licensure are welcome to apply for certification. We will welcome you to the community, invite you to participate in all future training opportunities, and add you to the certified listserv. However, we will not be able to issue the formal certificate or list you on the FGI website until licensure in granted.


What else should I know before applying? Training received by a TEAM Trainer (in individual or group format) does not constitute clinical supervision; that is, neither the Trainer or Feeling Good Institute assume responsibility for your clinical work. Certification does require maintaining your independent license to practice in a mental health or medical field. Feeling Good Institute is not responsible for the quality of the clinical treatment you provide.


Who do I contact with additional questions? Please direct questions to Angela Krumm, PhD, at