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Feeling Good Institute is dedicated to making therapy more effective. Our research is designed to make therapists better by facilitating targeted training and discovering the key ingredients that make therapy successful. In collaboration with Stanford Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Feeling Good Institute is conducting a study on the effectiveness of therapists trained in TEAM-CBT by collecting and analyzing deidentified progress and outcome data from the patients our therapists work with.

The study principal investigators are Dr. Maor Katz, MD and Dr. Jill Levitt, PhD;

Maor Katz, MD

Feeling Good Institute Director

Jill Levitt, PhD

Director of Training & Research, Feeling Good Institute

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Patient confidentiality is extremely important to us. All identifying information is removed from our data to protect patient’s privacy. For general participant’s rights questions, contact 1-866-680-2906. If you have questions or do not wish to be included in the study please contact: Dr. Maor Katz maor@feelinggoodinstitute.com 650-353-6544


We’re excited to contribute to the science of better mental health care and continued development of world-class clinicians. Thank you for your participation!

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