“How can I change this relationship? This person is impossible!”. Following the success of last year’s sell-out daylong workshops at FGI, This workshop offers therapists practical practice using powerful tools in helping patients with relationship problems. Practice and learn motivational methods in relationship problems, paradoxical agenda setting for relationships, the relationship cost benefit analysis, the relationship journal and the forced empathy technique. Workshop is lead by Feeling Good Institute’s master clinicians.

*This workshop offers CEUs

Teachers: Maor Katz, MD; Jill Levitt, PhD; Angela Krumm, PhD; Leigh Harrington, MD

When: 9am-4pm, January 25, 2015.

Where: Feeling Good Institute

Pricing: $135*

Click here to register, or call (408)-910-0376.

Space is limited.

*$125 per workshop if registered to 2 daylong workshops, $110 per workshop if registered to 3 daylong workshops.