At the Feeling Good Institute, our mission is to help you become a more successful practitioner by training you in advanced CBT skills and offering you a supportive, collaborative, and engaging community.

Online Community and CBT Training

Live Online Weekly Trainings For Therapists will teach you the basics of TEAM-CBT therapy to improve your therapy skills and help your patients get better quickly. For more information, go to Online Community and CBT Training.

TEAM Therapy Certification

The FGI certification provides quality TEAM Therapy training to clinicians, and publicly acknowledges those who have received training. To check on certification requirements and additional information, go to at TEAM CBT Certification.

Local Training

The Feeling Good Institute has local training and consultation groups for therapists around the country. Check out locations, times, and dates at our Local Training page.

Calendar of Events

For new online training groups and upcoming workshops, check out our full calendar of events page.