The Feeling Good Institute was founded by a group of master clinicians in TEAM-CBT. Maor Katz, MD, serves as the Institute Director, Jill Levitt, Ph.D., serves as Training Director, and Angela Krumm, Ph.D., serves as Clinical Director and TEAM Certification Lead.

Maor Katz, MD

Feeling Good Institute Director

Angela Krumm, PhD

Feeling Good Institute Clinical Director and TEAM Certification Lead

Jill Levitt, PhD

Feeling Good Institute Training Director

The Feeling Good Institute, founded in Mountain View, CA, and now also in New York NY, and online in many states and Canada is a treatment and training organization dedicated to providing better therapy for patients seeking tools for change. Our practice is based on an evidence-based form of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), developed by David Burns, called Team Therapy. We are both a treatment center and community for therapists looking for advanced training in CBT.

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